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About Us

Promax Comunication SA is an active Swiss Company that has been working for over 8 years in the field of fairs. From 1995 it has organized successful fairs and tourist workshops on the Swiss and Italian territories.

The Staff, made up of young and serious professionals in the field, provides products and services able to guide the tourist operators through the new challenges of the market, both by traditional means and by the web. ali.

A well done job is a pride for every human being. Promax Comunication selects all the members of its team primarly on the bases of professionality, enthusiasm and efficiency, requesting zeal and commitment. When people is keen on their job there's no need to motivate them because they feel their job as part of their personal success. For a job well done. is the most powerful Swiss directory specialized in the tourist field, deep-rooted in the European territory. Thanks to a sophisticated technology and to high quality services can provide to the tourist operators the optimum position on the web and the best tools available on the web market. It is an indispensable guide that always carefully selects and provides proper and immediate contents, exploiting to the best the unlimited internet power.

* The way of communicating changes, Promax is with you
* tourist directory
* Our strategy

The way of communicating changes, Promax is with you
Up to now more than 50% hotels information and booking is made through Internet and this trend is constantly increasing. Large advance holiday bookings inexorably succumbed to the Last Minute.

Nowadays, Internet is the easiest, cheaper and most direct way to reach the worldwide tourist accomodations.

Hotels had to adapt themselves necessarly to the new market rules but many of them are still estimating and learning, unconscious they are underestimating the matter and missing the chance for being successful, now and in the future.

The deep tourist marketing experience of Promax is there to facilitate both the expert and unexpert hotel keepers. The services that we offer have been created to guide step by step the tourist operators through the new Internet world, directing them with simplicity to the best way to follow without any doubt of making mistakes. tourist directory directory is a tool addressed to the big public to make searches in the touristic field always with fit and structured results.

Where to begin from
1. "In which skii resorts there is always snow?"
2. "How much does it cost one week at the seaside?"
3. "Where can I find the best addresses for a holiday under the banner of gastronomy?"
4. "Which is the hotel with the best view for a stay at the lake?"
5. "Where to plan the next trekking?"
6. "Which European art cities worth being visited?"
For these and other questions that a tourist want to ask, provides prompt answers. is one of the first directory entirely specialized in tourism, developed into thematic categories, each available in at least five languages: Italian, German, English, French, Spanish.
* Seaside Category
* Gastronomy Category
* Mountain Category
* Lake Category
* Snow Category
* Art Cities Category
* Wellness and Baths Category
* Congress and Business Category
* Golf Category clearly established its mission: to offer to the web users a wider and wider sophisticated range of services. In database there are hundreds of thousands of useful addresses. The addresses are divided into typologies and sub-typologies.

Our strategy: approach consists of a constant improvement firmly based on the achievement of the results. Offering the best to the web users means to win their trust towards our web portals, thus, to offer a high quality service also and above all to the tourist operators our customers. This can be realized through the development and constant completion of exclusive services and characteristics.

User services:
From its user-centred viewpoint on the service, is constantly undertaking to provide the best web results, integrating the contents and functionalities belonging both to the web and to its external partners. permits to transform the Internet browse into a unique experience thanks to a precise offer in terms of characteristics, services and platforms. Browsing the web and taking advantage of offer is possible being involved in:
- Typical Tourism Areas, interactive because the tourist operators – hotels, consortiums or travel agencies...- insert themselves their own offers.
- Thematic Indexes, which allow a structured consultation: they are regularly updated by people in charge for the indexes that browse the web and point out to the editorial office the web sites to be reviewed into the proper area.
- Hotels, apartments, villas, skilifts, health spas, seaside resorts, travel agencies, tour operators, local tourist Boards, technical companies, publishing. In, in fact, there are more than 1.000 firms, divided into 250 main categories and 2.500 subcategories. It represents a necessary guide if you are looking for an Hotel, a B&B or a Residence. It always provides contents carefully selected among the boundless multitude of the web resources. The addresses are ordered by the country, then the region and finally by the locality. You can search, in your language and in one web site, hotels in Zermatt or Naples, Berlin rather than Bangkok. The hotels search is strictly based on the stars they have, which allow to be guided directly to the right category, fit to one's economical availability and one's needs. For those who are more scrupulous than others and want to be sure about their choices, offers its own hotels classification based on the “Cups” and called “Quality Project”.

- The “Magazine”, with a simple graphics, ordered and immediately consultable, is subdivided into thematic indexes. The contents dealt with go from tourism to sports activities and each index contains a brief guide on the related activity.

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