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Tourist Guide of Belgium

The headquarters of the European Union
Tourist Guide of Belgium

Many people arrive in Belgium, not only for work and business but also to enjoy the breathtaking green mountains and rich valleys. Although a very small country, Belgium offers a huge variety of attractions, cultural activities and amusements. Given the short distance inland, it is an easy country to visit, with an excellent network of roads. The Belgian people are friendly, warm and inviting. The state is divided into three autonomous regions: Brussels, Flanders and Wallonia.

Brussels is a cosmopolitan city with the seat of the European Union and NATO but liveable and humane. The fine old town is a maze of narrow streets where it's nice to get lost, leading to the Grand Place, one of the most famous squares in Europe. There are art collections and museums dedicated even to the most unusual issues, musical and dance performances, restaurants serving all sorts of delicacies.

Flanders is the most northern region of Belgium and it is a flat, green landscape dotted with towns and small villages with typical Flemish architecture, huge cathedrals, bell towers, municipal buildings, churches and museums that surround the magnificent works by Rubens, Van Eyck, Breughel , Bosch, Horta, Van Dick, Landuyt, Panamarenko Schflingen, miles of picturesque canals. The area is known throughout Europe for the manufacture of tapestries.

The Walloon region of Belgium is located in the Ardennes, and offers vast landscapes of green hills, winding rivers, charming villages dotted with fairy-tale, the typical buildings and floral decorations. And then the most famous battles of the Napoleonic sites, museums of all kinds, historical abbeys, castles, palaces and an amazing gastronomic tradition which offers the very special french fries served with mussels, endive, Brussels sprouts, ham, pate, chocolate and more than 600 different kinds of beer. So you see it is really worth to be fascinated and seduced by a holiday in Belgium!
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