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Tourist Guide of Alassio

A Ligurian touristic resort
Tourist Guide of Alassio

Once under the control of various dominations which have seen sad historical events, Alassio is today a thriving city, with Portofino and San Remo, one of Liguria's centers where tourism is most developed. Alassio is a town of 11,332 inhabitants situated in the Ligurian province of Savona and touristic resort thanks to the little-known port Luca Ferreri. The birth of Alassio dates back to the tenth century when, near the church of Sant'Anna ai Monti, the first families settled, followed by other groups of people located in the area now known by the name of Casto, the current township Madonna delle Grazie.

It was in the nineteenth century that began to record a greater number of turnouts in the city due to the presence of many British holidaymakers, including the Hanbury family who built the Hanbury Botanical Garden at Ventimiglia.

Following an initiative of Mario Berrino, a noted painter Alassio, between the '50s and '60s, the famous Muretto of Alassio was built, now home to many events like the beauty contest "Miss Muretto”. In fact until the Second World War, the wall was a small detail of a national park, thanks to the economic boom that saw the influx of many tourists and the opening of the first hotels in Alassio, the Pit wall began to be embellished with different tiles colored irregularly shaped signed by important visitors to the city. The first was in fact the American writer Ernest Hemingway who in 1951 positioned the first colored tile.

There are also many historic buildings in Alassio to visit, among them the church of St. Ambrose, located in the square of the city center dating back to the eleventh century, the ancient Marian shrine of Our Lady of the Guard located on the highest peak of Mount Tirasso, 586 meters above sea level; Scoffera eighteenth-century palace whose interior is kept a crucifix attributed to the Flemish sculptor Jean de Boulogne, better known as Giambologna, a title that was given to the city of Florence where he was particularly active . Also on the territory of Alassio are two towers that once served to protect the territory from the threats from the sea. The most important is called "Saracen tower" or "Tower of thigh" built by the Republic of Genoa in the sixteenth century, followed by the Tower of Vegliasco depicted in the arms of the city.

Tourists who travel to Alassio, in addition to the beauty of the landscape overlooking the sea, can take the chance to visit the many historical sites that have marked the city's past. The evening events, natural beauty and ancient monuments are part of a territory to be discovered.

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