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Tourist Guide of Ceriale

Ceriale, an established seaside resort
Tourist Guide of Ceriale

Probably already existing in Roman times, along the Via Julia Augusta for Gaul, Ceriale is now an established resort on the Riviera di Ponente, the eastern boundary of the plain of Albenga, which is one of the few flat areas of Liguria, with extensive cultivation of flowers and vegetables, made possible by the mild climate. Thanks to its convenient location in the Middle Ages, Ceriale was a thriving village of fishermen and farmers. Unfortunately, the lack of effective fortifications meant that the village on the night of July 2, 1637, was looted and devastated by Algerian pirates, led by fierce Ciribì: thirty people were killed and three hundred slaves deported to Algeria, where were later redeemed, at the cost of enormous sacrifices.

This event marked indelibly the lives and the same "historical memory" of Ceriale, which does not preserve historic and architectural evidence prior to 1637, with the exception of a massive fortified bastion century, which unfortunately was not enough to defend the country. In the heart of the town, lying parallel to the beach, it is worth visiting the church of St. John the Baptist and Eugene, rebuilt after the destruction wrought by the pirates, with three naves and a majestic dome.

The sacred building houses a wooden crucifix of great bill, which bears the hole of a ball fired by one of the looters Algerians called "Christ of the Turks”, from whose side, according to tradition, came out blood and water. From the historic center, you will soon reach the breezy promenade, bordered by gardens and palm trees, overlooking the long and choreographic beach, almost entirely sandy, with a few stretches of cobblestone.

A "postcard beach ", served by over twenty modern bathing facilities, all equipped for the demands of modern tourism: accessibility for the disabled, children's play areas, rental boats and pedal boats, windsurfing instructors and other water sports, bars and restaurants and much more. An ideal beach for relaxing, with the chance to make beautiful diving.

The hinterland of Ceriale is characterized by a flat, extensively cultivated area and green hills, which gradually rise in altitude, with the typical Mediterranean scrub, alternating with vineyards that produce fine wines. Among the places to visit, we recall the medieval village Peagna, in panoramic position, with its fourteenth century church of San Giovanni Battista and the interesting Museum of Paleontology "Silvio Lai".

The area also offers a beautiful mountain for biking or even walking, reaching, for example, the summit of Poggio Ceresa, which offers a splendid panorama, ranging from the plain of Albenga to the Ligurian Alps, passing through the Gallinara Island, off the coast, in an unforgettable scene.

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