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Tourist Guide of Sardinia

The island of large areas and the heart of the Mediterranean
Tourist Guide of Sardinia

One of the most fascinating regions of Italy, full of delightful scenery, towns and places which attract many tourists every year. There are 1900 km of coastline that define the perimeter of Sardinia. Just where the land meets the sea creating exciting scenarios, the same ones that have made Sardinia the tourist destination per excellence around the world. This unity between land and sea, is sometimes gently, giving rise to endless beaches of fine sand, sometimes abruptly, when vertiginous cliffs plunge unexpectedly in cobalt blue.

Known locations internationally, lively and popular, such as the Costa Smeralda, alternate with intact environments, including caves and enchanted bays, wrapped in silence and the scent of myrtle. The numerous nature trails can be made by bike, on horseback, by bike or boat. But beyond the more traditional seaside holiday, Sardinia offers a huge and varied cultural heritage, living in every aspect.

Numerous enogastronomics opportunities, dishes, products and wines of tradition as well as several routes are dedicated to the discovery of the historic centers of art and Sardinia. History has left deep traces in this region, just think of the mysterious ruins of ancient nuragica civilization. Cultural, political infiltration and merchant ships from overseas are noticeable in the architecture, language, customs, as in the case of Gallura, the Catalan-Aragonese domination in Alghero or the Phoenician presence further south.

The hinterland keeps unaltered the most pure and authentic character of Sardinia. To understand the uniqueness of this region and discover the charm of the unusual, one should also get inside, in the areas of Nuoro, the Barbagia around the massif Gennargentu. Here the land becomes more rugged and wild and populations are maintained with pride their customs, traditions and flavors.

The south of the island houses the regional capital, the beautiful Cagliari, located among beaches, hills and lagoons; it is the economic and political capital and cultural heart of Sardinia. The offshoot is the area of extreme Sulcis, the extraordinary mineral wealth of the subsoil. Just opposite, like two gems, are the islands of St. Peter and Sant'Antioco.
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