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Tourist Guide of Tuscany

One of the most livable and welcoming Italian regions
Tourist Guide of Tuscany

History and culture, art, nature, Tuscany has maintained its charm, the same that lured travelers of the past. Despite being protected in the north and east by the Apennines with impressive mountain ranges, the Tuscany is a predominantly hilly region. Gentle rolling hills, medieval villages, rustic farmhouses, fields, castles, churches and cypress trees: these are the most characteristic elements of the Tuscan landscape.

Even the coast is one of the most significant attractions of the region: the clear Mediterranean Sea laps the shores of creating a wide variety of environments, both flora and fauna. The beaches of Versilia and the Coast of the Etruscans, the rocks of Piombino and Argentario, Maremma and the islands are much loved and appreciated by tourists.

But before all these aspects, Tuscany is associated with the very idea of culture. Inhabited since ancient times, witnessing the magic Etruscan necropolis, this land was the cradle of modern European culture and an extraordinary artistic production, ranging from medieval to Gothic, from Baroque to Renaissance. The perfect synthesis of all this is called Florence. A true city of art, housing one of the highest concentrations of masterpieces in the world.

The charm of Tuscany is also evident in other cities, like Pisa and its famous leaning tower (whose construction began in 1173 and continued for two centuries), or Grosseto, which houses the Park of the Maremma and the Monte Argentario, or even Siena with the Piazza del Palio and its unique atmosphere.
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